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Hey guys, welcome to my New York escorts website. First and foremost this is a site about call girls in Manhattan. Secondly, though, it’s about escorts in general. And, thirdly, it’s about meeting and hooking up with women.

Sure, it probably doesn’t seem like a man needs to put any effort at all into bedding an escort. After all, you’re shelling out the money, so why would any extra work be involved? Well, you’re paying cash, so you certainly want to get the best sexual experience possible out of the deal. Additionally, tips and tricks you learn from the experience of getting together with an escort can pay off in meeting (and hooking up with) “normal” woman. Trust me, it’s all true.

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Hey guys, today I’m are going to show you how to ask a girl out. There are three things you need to remember when asking a girl out. First of all, keep it casual. Make it about both of you, not just you. Secondly, make sure that you convey the message to her that you are a busy man who is in demand, whose time is valuable and precious. And thirdly, use future projections.

So let’s talk about the first one. What do I mean when I say “keep it casual?” Don’t ask her out from a needy place. Don’t say “I would like to see you again,” “It would be nice to see you again,” “It would be great to see you again.” try your best to replace that with “It would be cool for us to meet up again,” “I think it would be cool for us to go to movie.” Us; its the way that us, rather that I meet. Keep it casual. It would be cool; it wouldn’t be amazing, it wouldn’t be a life changing event – it would be cool.

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Secondly, convey the fact that you are a busy man. So when you’re actually trying to work out the day that you’re both going to meet up, try to avoid “Oh, I’m free all next week,” or “How about next weekend or you decide.” Instead, say to her “You know what, this week is a killer, this week is so busy, let me get this week out of the way with, and let’s do something the following week.”

Try to aim for Tuesday or Wednesday. Give her two days that you’re free. Don’t say weekends because girls are usually busy on the weekends, and if you have your weekends available, you’re going to look a little bit like a “Billy no mates” and no one wants to look like that! So Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually ideal. Most people don’t have something going on on those two evenings.

So again that part: “This week is so busy” say unfortunately because you don’t want to come across as too arrogant.

“Unfortunately this week is really busy, let me get this done and over with, and let’s think about hooking up next week. Ill tell you what, I’ve got Tuesday or Wednesday, one of those days free.”

Thirdly, future projections. Future projections is when you paint a picture of how its going to be when you’re both together. Okay, now the guys get this wrong a little bit.

They get a little bit too intense, a little bit too romantic. So they might say to the girl for instance; “Oh, me and you, I can just see us having this really amazing connection,” or “Oh, me and you, were just really really going to have such a great time.” Don’t put pressure on her, don’t take it too intense. She’s either going to feel very cynical about it, or she’s going to feel pressurized.

Instead keep it very playful. Say to her – and be a little bit cheeky with her, “You know what, I can see you” – sorry, so let’s just say you’re going to take her to a movie. Say to her “You know what? I can see you talking the whole way through that movie. You are going to be one of those girls just talking into my ear the whole time.” Now immediately she’s actually going to be qualifying herself. “No, I’m not that kind of girl.” She might play back and say “I bet you are that kind of guy”.

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But what’s important here with the future projections is that she’s no longer deciding whether she wants to see you again. That’s done. She’s made up her mind, she’s talking about the actual date now, beautiful. You can actually up the ante and you can say to her “You know something? I reckon that were either going to have the most amazing time and get on so well, or were going to end up hating each other.”

Now, a lot of people would think; “Surely this is going to sabotage everything.” It’s not. Women are very drawn to a love hate kind of relationship. They are drawn to fiery men and they like to think that they are going to get into a fiery, passionate relationship. Now, although the logical part of their brain thinks “I don’t want to, I don’t want to get involved with one of these guys again,” their heart – or you could say their emotional side of their minds actually, it’s like a moth to a flame. They love it. You’re adding a bit of drama. You’re giving her these two polar opposites.

“We are either going to love each other, we are going to have such a good time or we are going to hate each other, we are going to be like sworn enemies. We won’t be able to bear even looking at each other at the end of the night. We are going to have a massive argument.” You can really push it actually. This Quora page has some good comments on escort relationships.

Because she is going to qualify, like “Why do you think that this would happen?” Or “I’m not like that.” Now again, she’s already agreed to the date, she’s talking about the day itself. That’s good, but more importantly, you’re now showing her that you are this very dynamic man that’s going to end up giving her that love-hate relationship which women secretly crave for, even though they don’t always admit it.

So again, three things. Make sure you keep it casual, it’s about us; we, not I or being needy. Secondly, you are a busy man. She will appreciate the time that she was going to end up spending with you and it’s much less likely that she’ll flake on you because she understands that your time is limited — she’ll value your time a lot more. Thirdly, use future projections. This helps, seal the deal.

You’re not talking about “we should go out,” you’re talking about the actual date. Be playful, be cheeky and if you have the confidence, go ahead and take it to the next level and actually say to her – give her this love-hate comparison, give her this love-hate scenario that might come as a result of the date.