Interracial Dating Frequently Asked Questions

Dating is never easy, but there are additional complexities added to the mix when interracial dating is a possibility. Below are some answers to often-asked questions regarding this dating situation.

Do online dating sites screen its applicants?

Some websites say they do but require some personal information applicants are not willing to divulge. This leads to a limited choice for you.

What type of persons would you expect to use online dating sites?

We would expect everyone to use these dating sites. The typical progression is registering in the website, corresponding by email, calling on the telephone and meeting in person.

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I do not want a brief affair but would like to find someone to marry. How can I find someone who wants what I want?
It is good to know what you want. Some sites would give you an option on potential relationships to enter: from pen friends, to friendship or marriage.

Why is there so much controversy in interracial dating?

Until the late 60s, interracial marriage was prohibited by law by some countries. This has changed since then and interracial dating and marriage is possible and accepted. However, the controversy usually stems from closed-minded and bigoted individuals. Some cite racial impurity. But in general, such reasons are irrational and seldom make much sense.

Can interracial relationship work? If so, what is the most important tool to employ in order for the relationship to last?

Whether the relationship is an interracial or a same-race one, to make it work would depend on the two persons involved in it, you and your mate. It is always important to keep an open mind and be tolerant. Misunderstandings would normally occur but open communications with each other is the key to making a relationship grow stronger.

Do you think that interracial relationships face challenges that traditional relationships are not exposed to?

It is possible but in general, relationships, whether interracial or traditional, experience various problems, it may be similar or different and may occur at varying degrees. However, some sources of problems not related to racial origin such as social class or financial status may be sources of prejudices.