Relationship Dating and Relationship Tips

Individuals who are involved in relationships will often feel a flood of different emotions come and go with regard to such a relationship. Some individuals feel the need to put those emotional feelings into words and this can be done by writing in a diary, detailing such feelings in a journal or writing a relationship poem. The following paragraphs will define what a relationship poem truly is and detail various reasons for creating one.

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A relationship poem is poetry which contains feelings relating to an actual relationship. The poetry may be about a friend, family member or lover and is a way for the writer to put their feelings down onto paper. Some individuals only create one relationship poem whereas others find that creating a collection of such poetry is the only way to portray their true feelings with pen and paper.

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Relationship poems are created for a number of reasons. One reason why individuals write a relationship poem is for the cathartic feelings which it brings to them. Catharsis is a cleansing of emotions and this is a popular reason for writing many different types of poetry.

Another reason to write relationship poems is so that they may be given as a gift to the individual whom inspires the relationship poem. Lastly, relationship poems provide a way for writers to diary their current relationships which will stand the test of time in written form.

If any one has ever been in a relationship where they have wanted to memorialize the aspects of it in a written format, a great way to do so is through a relationship poem. The individual is pleased in simply knowing that the poem is right there at their side whenever they feel like reviewing the relationship and their feelings relating to the relationship at the time in which the poem was created.